Warped Tour 2015

This year I attended my first Vans Warped Tour, on July 10th in Camden, New Jersey. After pushing my body to its limits and ending up laying in the air conditioned restrooms to recover from my heat exhaustion I knew I had to go again before the summer was over and make up for what I missed. So I packed my bags and headed to my girlfriend's house to attend the Vans Warped Tour on July 19th in Holmdel, NJ. 

I arrived to the show, camera in hand, and I was eager to get the day started. My attitude was reminiscent of a kid on Christmas. Getting to be that close to some of my favorite musicians was a dream come true. Of course I had a list that consisted of over 15 bands and it took me a while to admit the harsh truth that I would not be able to photograph everyone that I wanted to. I sorted out my time between photographing, relaxing, talking to band members and making sure I had enough time to devour the best chicken fingers I've ever had... because that's obviously the most important part of the whole experience. 

After nearly 12 hours of photographing and walking around with a 5 pound camera in front of my eye and 3,000 pictures later, I came out with some amazing photos that I'm very eager to share with you. Below is a slideshow of some of my favorite shots from the day. Enjoy!